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Raf Cloud component generates a tag cloud of most used words and metakeys of your site.

By clicking on one of the words/keys, you are redirected to the search page with results for this tag. This is great for search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta9 [2009-09-17]: Fixed: search function - limit strings to 20 characters.

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta8 [2009-08-26]: Added Joomla SEF support by adding a router.php file.

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta7 [2009-08-12]:

  • Fixed bug of "Load default words" button doesn't work when editing a blacklist.
  • Added Russian language

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta6 [2009-08-08]: Fixed bug if mbstring extension not installed

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta5 [2009-07-18]: Fixed search result ordering problem 

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta4 [2009-07-12]:  Added option to select sh404sef link (Configuration->SEF Urls->sh404sef link)

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta3 [2009-07-08]: Configuration panel problem in Internet Explorer

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta2 [2009-07-02]: Minor bugfixes, fixed PHP warnings and notices

Raf Cloud v 3.0_beta1 [2009-06-23]: Fix for error loading configuration menu if eval() function disabled.

The Raf Cloud 3.0 main options:

  • languages: English, Polish, Turkish, German, French, Russian
  • Native mode Joomla! 1.5
  • plugins (DocMan, Zoom Media Gallery, VirtueMart, SMF, Letterman, SOBI2, Fireboard / Kunena, Pony Gallery ML, Seyret, MojoBlog, Remository, MisterEstate, Bookmarks, Mosets Tree, EZ Realty, Agora Forum, JDownloads, phpBB, AdsManager, JoomGallery)
  • Joomla content plugin (mambot)
  • scheduler and e-mail reporting
  • module integration with search, articles,sobi2,mojoblog,docman
  • SEF Urls - sh404sef plugin
  • blacklist and whitelist

Remember to install and configure Raf Cloud module.

Update: All you have to do is simply install the new version without uninstalling the previous one.

Do you have a question?  Visit Raf Cloud Forum

You can download Raf Cloud for Joomla 1.0.X here

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