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1. Raf Cloud Component 1.0.2 Update
(Download:Joomla 1.0.X/Components/Archive)
...ta and beta 1 to the version 1.0.2. Unpack this file and copy into Joomla directory. Backup your files and database first! ...

2. Re:How to get a phrase to show as a tag
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
... of this website. The only way I could think of, which is a little tricky.. is to edit the phrase in the database.. so for example.. after building the list, you would change "agora" to "agora foru...

3. Re:Joomla Archive Content
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...t the plugin "rc_joomla_content_plugin.php" after if (($runMe)&&($loadWord)) { Add: //archive $database->setQuery("SELECT * FROM #__content WHERE state=-1"); if ($cur = $database->query...

4. Re:phpbb plugin not showing phpbb not finding keyword
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! I have tested everything with Joomla 1.5.14 and phpBB 3.0.5 installed in the same database. The Raf Cloud component uses standard Joomla search function. Have you installed and published the

5. phpbb plugin not showing phpbb not finding keyword
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...o phpbb3? i'm using joomla 1.5.14, rockettheme template mixxmag, rokbridge and phpbb3 all installed in one database. phpbb3 is in the joomla root. component and module are working great! unfortunetl...

6. Re:capital letters in cloud
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...n't try that particular setting or didn't rebuild the list or whatever... Little Hint: I had to delete all database entries (in --> configuration), then uninstall and reinstall the component, to have...

7. Re:... exclude a category or section of articles
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...al code. open the file rc_joomla_content_plugin.php (administator/components/com_rafcloud/plugins) $database->setQuery("SELECT * FROM #__content WHERE state=1"); replace with: $database-...

8. Re:Interesting idea.......but doesn\'t work
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
still not working... "no valid database connection 'databasename' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT * FROM jos_rafcloud_stat WHERE published=1 ORDER BY counter DESC"

9. Re:plugin for phpbb3
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! What is your configuration? Is phpbb installed in the same database as Joomla? You can change default phpBB database prefix by editing the plugin file, line $prefix = "phpbb_"; Skorp

10. Re:jomres - plugin request
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! I need the .sql file with structure of the database including tables with fields, field types etc. You can export your database using phpmyadmin or command-line mysqldump. Skorp

11. Re:jomres - plugin request
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! yes, I am not interested in the data, just the structure of the database. Skorp

12. Re:tag cloud doesn`t works
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...g looking great unless the tags are showing at front module... I can see a lot of tags are gathered into my database..but none is showing on front module...please help if anyone figured out the proble...

13. Re:rafclouds with civicrm.org profiles
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! The CiviCRM database structure is quite complicated. What columns should be used to get the tags? Skorp

14. Re:Problem with the german \'Umlaute\'
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...RC_blacklist", $blacklist_filter,'config'); Now german "umlaute" will by saved with htmlentities on your Database and filtered by this component. You can write german "umlaute" at text field in ad...

15. Building tags based on keywords
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...or example - I have a tag used in 3 articles, but counter shows just 1. I checked tag visually and in MySQL database. I deleted tags multiple times and rebuild list, but still, count of articles is in...

16. Need a plugin for Remository
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hope someone can help me. I installed the component and the module. The only thing i need is a plugin to work with another great component called Remository v3.40. http://www.remository.com I tried

Hi! did you unpack this plugin? :) You may have to upload .php file. How big is your database? Best regards, Skorp

...ze of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 47 bytes) in /is/htdocs/wp9874521_ZFROAJVHC9/www/includes/database.php on line 489 occurs. Please help cause this sobi2 plugin is the Main-Reason for...

...ze of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 47 bytes) in /is/htdocs/wp1065255_ZFROAJVHC9/www/includes/database.php on line 489 Start Raf Cloud debug! File time is 18-12-2007 22:51 Ok writing /i...

...ration time : 3.235692 s Last run : 18-12-2007 15:33 Next run : 19-12-2007 23:10 New words are added to the database. Stop Raf Cloud debug! ...

...ze of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 47 bytes) in /is/htdocs/wp9874521_ZFROAJVHC9/www/includes/database.php on line 489 Well this is nearly impossible cause i dont have that much content...

22. Re: Problems after updating
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! Backup your database first :) and follow these steps; 1. In "Cleaning" run "Remove unpublished" 2. Open "Plugins" and make sure at least one plugin is published. 3. Select "Rebuild list" then c

23. Re: Problem with module
(Forum/Raf Weather Module)
Hi! download eWeather patch again or replace this two lines with if (!empty($sql)) { $database -> setQuery($sql); $database -> query(); } Skorp

24. Problem with module
(Forum/Raf Weather Module)
...n /var/www/test56/htdocs/components/com_eweather/eweather.main.php on line 262 262 - 263 line is: $database -> setQuery($sql); $database -> query(); thanks...

25. Re: Debug On = Error
(Forum/Raf Weather Module)
if (!empty($sql)) //raf - debug error { $database -> setQuery($sql); $database -> query(); } I have foud this, thats all? Thenx for the help!

26. Debug On = Error
(Forum/Raf Weather Module)
Hello, when I turn on the DEBUG I get the fallowing error: Notice: Query was empty in xxxx/xxxxxx/includes/database.php on line 292 xxxx/xxxxxx/modules/mod_rafweather.php:250 xxxx/xxxxxx/modules/mod

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