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1. General Forum Rules

  • No spamming 
  • No personal attacks
  • All posts must be in English.
  • Make sure you post in the right area and keep the posts on topic.
  • Do not discuss illegal activities.
  • Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the site. Use the search feature.
  • Make sure you have read through the thread before you post a reply.
  • Choose an appropriate subject line.
  • Do not post administrator access login details to your website on the forum.

2. Support and Technical Information:

Include as much information as you can when seeking help:

  • Joomla version
  • Component/module version
  • PHP version
  • Apache version
  • MySQL version
  • Used browser
  • OS version

Posts not including the above technical information will not be answered.

3. Signatures Rules

  • Must be setup in your Profile, and not manually added to your messages.
  • May NOT contain any pricing, sales, product etc. details. (spam)
  • May include up to 2 clickable links. URL's or mailto: ‐ No duplicate links
  • Must be kept to a maximum of four lines.
  • May not contain links for the purpose of self promotion
  • Your signature is your signature. It is not for sale or rent.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature or avatar at any time, for any reason.

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