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1. Raf Unibutton plugin (joomla mambot)
(Download:Joomla 1.0.X/Plugins)
... This plugin is only compatible with Joomla 1.0.X Version 1.0.3 - Solved: empty  buttons in the Opera Browser. Version 1.0.2 - minor bugfixes. Version 1.0.1 - 12 buttons. Version 1.0.0 - 6 ...

2. Cookies Policy
... cookie, a commonly used data collection technology, is simply a piece of text which can be placed on the browser of your personal computer or mobile device and subsequently read as you visit a web ...

3. Forum Rules
...n when seeking help: Joomla version Component/module version PHP version Apache version MySQL version Used browser OS version Posts not including the above technical information will not be answered...

4. need help please!
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...ud. Everything runs ok, except the title of the tag displayed on the search engines rezults, or in the browser bar. The tile displayed is the site name!:( , very bad for seo.:silly: What shoul...

5. Re:administrative panel doesn┤t work well
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Informaš§es de Perfil Application afterLoad: 0.005 seconds, 0.54 MB Application afterInitialise: 0.080 seconds, 4.08 MB Application afterRoute: 0.080 seconds, 4.08 MB Application afterDispatch: 0.

6. Re:problem with sh404sef plugin
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
When I open this link http://www.joomla.royy.net/index.php/RC-Tag/246.html url is not redirect in browsers address bar. When I open this link http://www.12eme-om.com/RC-Tag/118.html , address bar

7. Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay()
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
... Joomla: 1.5.7 utf-8 Joomla editor: no wysiwyg editor (pure field) Plugin: raf_unibutton_mambot_1.0.3 Browser: Firefox 3.0.3 Regards, nemo...

Hi skorp, i did what you told me and that happens: That is what my browser displayed: Start Raf Cloud debug! Creating /is/htdocs/wp1065255_ZFROAJVHC9/www/administrator/components/com_rafcloud/runlo

9. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
... simply unfortunately. The second remained unfortunately. The buttons that do not exist yet show in Opera browser: [USER POSTED IMAGE]...

10. Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
...ut was never able to save the 6. button. Does not save it and does not show! Second problem: I use Opera browser. They appear when I write the content the editor buttons, they are what do not exist ...

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