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1. Re:administrative panel doesn┤t work well
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Informaš§es de Perfil Application afterLoad: 0.005 seconds, 0.54 MB Application afterInitialise: 0.080 seconds, 4.08 MB Application afterRoute: 0.080 seconds, 4.08 MB Application afterDispatch: 0.

2. Re:cloud for only one certain section
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! This is currently not possible without a small modification of the plugin's code. Try this: Skorp [file name=plugins_with_section_id.zip size=2301]http://www.joomla.royy.net/images/fbfi

3. Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay()
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
...n edit mode: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay() in /***/libraries/joomla/html/editor.php on line 261 Joomla: 1.5.7 utf-8 Joomla editor: no wysiwyg editor (pure field) ...

4. Re:Warning: mb_strtolower()...
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! You need to check your language file. You should open the language file in an editor and search for '_ISO'. There should be something like this DEFINE('_ISO','charset=iso-8859-1'); Skor

5. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
...is plugin! Realy! Very useful!á But i have 2 problem with this. 1. I like more buttons insert under the editor area. Maybe 20 or more.á :D 2. Opera, and Firefox is good, but in IE6 is not pagebreak...

6. Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
...ave it and does not show! Second problem: I use Opera browser. They appear when I write the content the editor buttons, they are what do not exist yet. It is possible to see the place of the 7 nonex...

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