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1. Re:jomres - plugin request
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...you for sending the SQL dump. You can find the alpha version here: Download Please let me know of any bugs. Skorp...

2. Re:Possible to integrate with HWD Video Share?
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...hank you for this information. You can find an alpha version here: Download Please let me know of any bugs. Skorp...

3. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi Skorp!! Thank you for your answer! We revised this thing even well and the problem is with the CB mostly. The CB his data sheet does not stay in my joomla template, and the buttons slip out becau

4. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi! 1. I'm going to implement unlimited number of buttons. :) 2. Did you check it with IE 7 (I use Firefox)? I will check this issue and get back to you soon. Skorp

5. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi skorp! I something I asked stupidity? We checked it, my template and is not wrong. This problem CB 1.1 registration comes out in IE6. In the raf unibutton it would not be possible to solve it in h

6. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi skorp!!! I very like this plugin! Realy! Very useful! But i have 2 problem with this. 1. I like more buttons insert under the editor area. Maybe 20 or more. :D 2. Opera, and Firefox is good,

7. Re: Bugs - solved
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
All problems solved in last version 1.0.3. Skorp

8. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Thank you for the fast answer! I tried the 1.0.2 versions, but my first problem was solved simply unfortunately. The second remained unfortunately. The buttons that do not exist yet show in Opera br

9. Re: Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi! It was a bug, download new version http://www.joomla.royy.net/component/option,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,13/Itemid,11/ Skorp

10. Bugs
(Forum/Raf Unibutton plugin)
Hi! I try Unibutton 1.0 and like it!! But I installed it new 1.0.1 version, and I noticed it two problems. First problem: In the mambot I set 5 buttons, but the sixth, I write it in vain and I sav

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