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1. Raf Cloud Component
(Download:Joomla 1.5/Components)
...f eval() function disabled. The Raf Cloud 3.0 main options: languages: English, Polish, Turkish, German, French, Russian Native mode Joomla! 1.5 plugins (DocMan, Zoom Media Gallery, VirtueMart...

2. Raf Cloud Component stable
(Download:Joomla 1.0.X/Components)
...oding problems SEF URLs problem - added internal search link (module->SEF Urls : Internal link) added French language   Raf Cloud version 2.0.0 stable [2008-03-10]: minor bugfixes  &nbs...

3. Raf Cloud French Language
(Download:Joomla 1.0.X/Languages)
French language file for the Raf Cloud 2.0.2 component . Author: Gilles TOURREAU (http://gilles.tourreau.fr) Copy this file into /administrator/components/com_rafcloud/language

4. Description
(Products/Raf Cloud)
... rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN) The Raf Cloud main options: languages: English , Polish , Turkish, German, French, Russian Joomla! 1.0.X and 1.5 (Native mode) compatible plugins (DocMan, Zoom Media G...

5. No tag rebuild
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...on "Manage Tags" of the component, when I'm asking to generate tags (List rebuild - Reconstuire liste, in French) I'm getting this error :Fatal error: Call to undefined function: iconv() in /homez.133...

6. Raf Cloud + SH404SEF
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
... - com_search : skip -> in Raf Cloud component - sh404sef prefix: "recherche" (i'm french) -> in Raf Cloud module - SEF Urls : internal link -> in .htaccess...

7. Use of module Raf Cloud with joomla 1.5
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
I have problems with module Raf_Cloud when I try to use it on my site in French with Joomla 1.5.: I have decided to make the corrections, I hope I do it in the right way ! With joomla 1.5 urls s

8. Re:Translation in french !
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Link : French language file for Raf Cloud 2.0.X Thanks! Skorp

9. Re:Translation in french !
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! You can attach zipped translation files to your post. Best regards Skorp

10. Translation in french !
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi everybody ! I translate the Raf Clound in french language. Is possible to contacting the Raf Cloud team for sending it ? Best regards Gilles

11. Re:Problems with french accent
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...; I don't know if there is a native fonction in PHP for that... Be careful ! There is other accent in french : -> &eacute -> &egrave And also note that you should decode only HTML content...

12. Re:Problems with french accent
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hi! This patch [file name=com_rafcloud_2-cddb3a482ebc0f66e84cdb3beef9d302.zip size=3407]http://www.joomla.royy.net/images/fbfiles/files/com_rafcloud_2-cddb3a482ebc0f66e84cdb3beef9d302.zip[/file] sh

13. Problems with french accent
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
...First, i'm happy to use this component ! Easy to setup, easy to understand it, easy to use it !!!! I'm french user, and of course I have a french website in Joomla! :laugh: I found 2 problems :...

14. Re:accented letter
(Forum/Raf Cloud component and module)
Hello I am french and I have the same problem. Tags appear in utf8 (for instance bb instead of bb) I tried to set advanced replace_preg and to use mb_strtolower but without success. What sh

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